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Check out the log of how MK1 was created in just 5 days!

Back in August I was invited to head over to Berlin for the campus party, as soon as I found out I knew that I needed a new case to take with me!

In the end I had around 5 days to finish to go from 3D concept to full working model. While it was a massive push, in the end it was a success and K2 embarked on a mammoth journey from Bristol to Berlin via coach.
The initial 3D K2 concept Simple in essence, cooled by a single radiator drawing air through an open finned design.
Tool paths to guide the CNC were created, here you can see the sheet layout for the bottom fins.
Using a 3mm single fluted end mill the CNC makes quick work of what would be huge manual task.
Once milled and painted each fin was threaded onto two M4 rails using some nickel plated 8mm spacers.
With the top and bottom fins all in place the main door is assembled.
Fittings were added to the freshly painted slimline 240mm radiator.
For the bottom section a sheet of 2mm aluminium was milled and bent. Here I’m test fitting the 120mm fans using some M4 dome nuts to hold them in place.
To bridge the gap between the front panel and to hold the audio ports a block of cast plexi get attacked with the 6mm end mill.
The middle section was milled from two pieces of 10mm clear plexi and then topped with some 1.5mm aluminum.
Everything done, the case was assembled and leak tested before heading off to Berlin.
The 10mm thick clear plexi fan spacer glowing from natural light.
K2 arrived in Berlin fine and after chatting with some of the other great European modders we set up the machines and prepped for an awesome week.
Well that is it, all finished in 5 days! a fantastic week in Germany and some brilliant memories. All that is left is to enjoy these final eye candy shots of MK1 🙂



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