About Us

Founded in 2011 E22 has always been a family run business and opened E22.biz a year later with the mission to provide a service to computer enthusiasts who required bespoke designs and parts for their builds. Since then we have taken on and launched numerous product lines which have gone on to become modding staples within the community.

Nate George 
Founder of E22 and still an active part of the company always looking to bring ideas to market and set new trends such as cable combs and hard line water cooling.
Outside of the business world he enjoys Rock climbing, Golf and spending time with the family including Tiberius the mini bear.


Favorite show: Spartacus
Music/Genre: Chillout, Electric
Game: Deus Ex

Victoria Kirk
Victoria is the glue that holds the customer service and logistics portion of the business together if you ever have an order or product query she will be there to help.
An avid gamer, rumour has it she is still in possession of an old sega megadrive.


Favorite show: Stargate SG1
Music/Genre: Anything with Dave Grohl
Game: FF14

Its a hard job being the official mascot of a company but the ‘mini bear’ takes it in his stride. 60kg of pure bumbling happiness he has the innate ability to motivate even at the end of the longest days.


Favorite show: Anything with penguins
Music/Genre: The Baha Men
Game: Fetch


Being a relatively small company allows us to keep our prices competitive, work closely with clients to give them a truly bespoke service and product that they can go on to enjoy for years to come, or simply stun the pants off their friends at the next lan party. We have been improving our workshop over the years and now have the ability to craft some pretty awesome stuff. Below are the services we currently offer.

Laser Cutting
Maximum part size: 450x600mm
Cutting materials: Acrylic, Acetal, Wood
Engraving Materials: Acrylic, Acetal, Wood, Finished metals, Glass
Maximum Thickness: 6mm
File types required: .DXF .DWG .PDF Others can work but please email for more information so we can work with you on your requirements

CNC Milling
Maximum part size: 450x1000mm
Cutting materials: Acrylic, Acetal, Wood, Aluminium
Engraving Materials: Acrylic, Acetal, Wood, Metals, Glass
Maximum Thickness: 50mm
File types required: .DXF .DWG .PDF Others can work but please email for more information so we can work with you on your requirements

Estimations for bespoke work can be given once a project brief has been settled on. Quotations for replicas of past projects can usually be sent within 3 days.